April 6, 2022

This post is a shout-out to Almighty God, our Rescuer, Redeemer, Healer and Warrior, and an encouragement to those in the journey of escaping and healing from domestic abuse.  This is the 10th anniversary of my Independence Day.  On Good Friday, April 6, 2012, I packed an overnight bag and put it in the trunk of my car, and went into hiding for over 2 years, during which time I did the hardest thing most women will ever do – divorce a Narcissist and Sociopath.

Earlier in the year, I had written him a lengthy letter outlining his many abuses over our 20 year marriage, and asked him to get counseling. (At the time, I had no idea that counseling would never work on a Narcissist or Sociopath).  His response: “Well, it can’t be that bad.  If it was that bad, you would have left 10 years ago.”  I determined that I would not be there in 2022 wishing I had left 10 years ago.  After that day, he raped me twice a day, every day –  after the kids went to school and after they went to bed at night –  until the day I left.

Since then, God has healed me, provided for me, brought me closer to Him, called me to a new legal career representing women getting out of domestic abuse, brought me to a wonderful church that has supported me, gave me the words and a publisher to publish a ground-breaking, award-winning handbook to help other women escape abuse: “Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath and Other Domestic Abusers”, provided a lovely home to serve as a safe house for other women and children escaping abuse, called me to facilitate Bible studies and support groups, reconciled my relationships with my children (after my abuser had alienated them from me), brought wonderful people into my life (and eliminated the toxic ones), and – best of all – gave me a wonderful, godly husband.

We have an amazing God! When He rescues, He brings us a Moses to lead us to the Promised Land of peace and rest – or He brings us there Himself. When He redeems, He puts us into a better position than when we started. When He heals, He fills us with His Presence and we are whole and complete because He is our Papa God. When He fights for us and avenges us, we can be still and watch His justice at work against the Enemy.

Whenever the Lord brought the Israelites through a trial, a battle, or escape from the enemy, they celebrated by thanking God for His rescue, praising Him, and making an alter to remind them of His amazing love and power.  I encourage you to celebrate your own Independence Day with thankfulness, praise, and something to remind you that your heavenly Father did a rescue mission on you. He truly will break down doors, abolish strongholds, cut the chains of your prison and lead you into your Promised Land. Because of your suffering, God promises He will give you a double portion of blessings and replace those ashes of mourning with a crown of beauty.

If you are on a journey of healing, please know that God loves His daughters and has storehouses of blessings, peace and rest for you on the other side of the dark valley of abuse.