Presentations, Workshops, Seminars

We educate and equip community leaders, local governments, lawyers, judges, bar associations, counselors, businesses, employers, colleges and universities, professional organizations, non-profit organizations, women’s groups, and others on the tactics and characteristics of abusers, the effect of abuse on victims, legal strategies for protecting victims and dealing with abusers, how abusers use the legal system to further abuse, how to effectively address abuse in ways that protects and supports the victim, how to implement strategies that ensure legal requirements are met, and how to change the culture of an organization or community.

Faith-Based Presentations, Sermons, Workshops, Seminars

We educate and equip community leaders, pastors, church leaders, seminaries, Christian colleges and universities, and women’s groups of all denominations on the tactics and characteristics of abusers, the effect on victims, and how to address abuse within a congregation in a Biblical approach that protects and supports the victim, protects the church from slander and divisions, ensures legal requirements are met, holds the abuser accountable and, if possible, leads the abuser to true repentance (although this is extremely rare).

Articles, Resources, Individual Coaching, Bible Studies and Support Groups

Healing after domestic abuse takes time and work.  It needs to be a #1 priority.  Abuse is focused on destroying the spirit, so we focus on healing the spirit. AbuseCare provides regular articles (see our blog and archives), resources, and one-on-one coaching and divorce coaching to help women move from victim to victorious.  We also partner with local churches to provide Bible Studies and Support Groups, either in person or via Zoom.  With our Bible-based curriculum spanning 20 one-week sessions, our Bible Studies and Support Groups are a time of discovery, learning, healing, and building community.  Women learn what healthy relationships look like, how to recognize abuse, how to safely leave an abusive relationship, how to use our spiritual weapons in the spiritual battle, how to heal and be whole and help our children heal and be whole, and how to become the strong, victorious women God designed us to be.  To join an ongoing Bible Study or Support Group, or to obtain the curriculum and start a Bible Study or Support Group in your local church, contact us.

Abuse Care with a Faith-Based Focus

Women of faith stay in abusive marriages and relationships significantly longer than other women.  Many women of faith mistakenly believe, or have received misguided advice, that the Scriptures command them to stay in abusive marriages.   Our faith-based, hope-filled healing approach shows how God designed us to be in healthy and life-giving relationships, reveals that Scriptures actually affirm that spouses are called to cherish each other with respect and love, and demonstrates that the Bible provides that we must distance ourselves from those people and relationships that are abusive.

Did You Know?

Did you know that domestic abuse is more than just punching or hitting? Domestic abuse encompasses an entire range of attitudes and behaviors designed to gain and maintain power and control over others.  Domestic abuse can include emotional and verbal abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and even spiritual abuse. Did you know that abusers have one or more mental illnesses?  Abusers generally have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and/or Anti-Social Personality Disorder (Sociopathy and Psychopathy) which are permanent, untreatable and escalate over time.  Did you know that abuse escalates when a woman leaves a relationship?  Abusers escalate their abuse when a woman leaves the relationship and during a divorce.  In the time immediately after a woman leave, she is nine times more likely to be murdered by her abuser than if she stays in the relationship.  Our presentations and workshops raise awareness of domestic abuse in our communities and how to protect victims while holding abusers accountable.

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If you would like more information on AbuseCare, scheduling a presentation or workshop, one-on-one coaching, one-on-one divorce coaching, or our Bible studies and support groups, contact us now at 847-624-1511 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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